Full-service supplier of advanced paint solutions and associated services

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PB Editions is predominantly a specialist Tier 1 supplier to UK-based OEMs.

These OEM customers typically require low-volume modules painted in body colour to the highest standard. The work usually involves a high degree of complexity and customisation.

We also have the technical capability and operational flexibility to deliver long-run, high-volume customer programmes in a highly competitive environment.

About Us

PB Editions has a key role in the UK automotive industry supply chain. The majority of UK-based automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers entrust us with the supply of their components.

Since our foundation in 1989, we have carefully developed our unique mix of paint solutions and engineering services to reflect the evolution of the market and the needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves not only on our technical excellence and ability to meet exacting quality standards but also on our flexibility in meeting customer needs. The majority of our orders are fulfilled on a just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery basis.

Services at PB Editions are divided into two broad areas:

  • The supply of painted premium-quality exterior systems, such as front and rear bumper modules.
  • Tier 1- and Tier 2-level supply of a wide range of exterior and interior paint solutions (short and long run) and associated support services.
  • PB Editions has a workforce of over 300 employees and has an annual turnover in excess of £30 million. Our work is carried out at state-of-the-art production facilities in Banbury and Derby. Our Engineering Centre is located in Banbury.

    Paintbox History

    1989 Paintbox is established in Brackley, Northamptonshire, to provide services to the Formula 1 industry, from one-off specialist vehicles to smaller automotive parts. 

    1999 Paintbox moves to a new 65,000 square ft. (6,000m²) facility in Banbury. Our first robotic paint line is installed. 

    2001 A new 65,000 square ft. (6,000m²) facility for engineered components is opened in Birmingham. 

    2002 Paintbox is appointed Tier 1 supplier of body colour components and exterior kits for Bentley motor cars. 

    2002 A second robotic paint line is installed at our Banbury facility. 

    2003 A third robotic paint line is installed at our Banbury facility. 

    2004 Jaguar Land Rover appoints Paintbox as a Tier 1 supplier of sequenced body colour parts. 

    2006 Aston Martin appoints Paintbox as a Tier 1 supplier of closure systems and painted interior and exterior components. 

    2007 A new manual paint line is installed at our Birmingham facility. 

    2009 Paintbox is appointed as a Tier 1 supplier of body colour components and exterior kits for the second-generation Bentley motor cars. 

    2010 Honda appoints Paintbox as a Tier 1 supplier of sequenced body colour parts. 

    2011 A new manual paint line, robotic flaming treatment line and state-of-the-art environmental control equipment are installed at our Banbury facility. 

    2011 Paintbox is appointed as a Tier 1 supplier of bumper radiator shells and sills to the new generation Rolls-Royce motor cars. 

    2011 The Paintbox Engineering Centre and an off-site warehousing facility are opened in Banbury. 

    2012 Additional manual painting facilities are installed at our Banbury site. 

    2013 State-of-the-art automated cleaning systems are installed at our Banbury site. Our assembly facilities in Birmingham are expanded. 

    2014 A fourth robotic paint line is commissioned.

    2016 The BGF become investors in Paintbox.

    2017 Paintbox and LEVC enter partnership for painting and supply of composite panels for vehicles produced at Ansty .

    2017 A new facility is opened in Banbury , Wildmere Road, for the painting and assembly of full vehicle and lightweight car body panels. The facility specialises in Bespoke vehicle painting and coating of Carbon and composite materials.

    2018 Working in Partnership with Bombardier, Paintbox are contracted to paint all new Rail carriages for Bombardier UK on their Derby Site.

    2019 Paintbox work with Hitachi Rail for refurbishment contracts on their Doncaster and Newton Aycliffe sites.

    2020 Paintbox Birmingham plant closure , as a result of pandemic impact.

    2020 Paintbox paint for Mercedes AMG for first time in history , and also for the first time supply aerospace industry with painted product.


    Paint Application

    PB Editions specialises in paint application and related paint solutions. Our commitment to technical excellence and our ability to meet stringent quality standards set us apart from our competitors.

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    As part of our comprehensive supply and support service, Paintbox can provide a range of expert high- and low-volume assembly services.

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    PB Editions is a leading Tier 1 supplier for automotive OEMs and we offer a wide range of high-quality products and engineering capabilities.

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    Project Management

    PB Editions offers an expert project management service. Our highly experienced team oversees the entire project management process, from nomination by an OEM to availability of the parts and modules for launch.

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    Supply Chain Management

    The specialist Paintbox procurement team has extensive experience of setting up supply chains for Paintbox-sourced components and OEM-specified suppliers.

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    The guarantee of quality is a foundation on which Paintbox is built. We have a reputation for the high quality of our services and we work hard to maintain it.

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